Wednesday, April 18, 2012

my role model

A role model is described as someone you admire and try to copy. in this present times so many of us think of them only when we are asked questions pertaining them

I was in an interview sometime in march this year for a position in a telecoms company and one of the questions asked was "who is your role model, describe briefely why he/she is your role model" that was the last question on the first sheet/part, i haven't thought about that, not in a very long while so that question actually got me thinking, a role model? but i couldn't think of  any person or even anything to write there so i left it unanswered but when i looked around, people around me were writing so much about this role model hoping that would catch the interviewer's fancy, i thought to myself are the questions different, but no they aren't so what on earth could these guys be writing, does it mean that they all have and i alone  don't have a role model, are they really being honest? i am not saying people don't or shouldn't look up to great men and achievers but according to my own understanding you should try to model your life in line with his/her's so i ask you do you have a role model? if yes, do you actually act/behave like them (your role model) in any way.

As i stated earlier, i don't have a role model and there is no shame in that, we all look up to God, we admire him and want to be like him, i'm no differerent from everyone else in that regard but friends, lets put God aside, his position is not contestible, is there any one, living or dead that we not only want to be like but actually fashion our life according to their way of life? the answer to that is no regardless of what you may think, that is an honest answer and i hope you can also give your honest answer to that.

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