Friday, April 8, 2011

Music and Me

Music must be a lady, so says R & B singer and song writer R. Kelly who for a very long time has contributed immensely in building the music industry, world wide. Just like the music industry, he has also been trailed by lots of controversies about his private life, (that’s if he was supposed to have any at all), nevertheless, he has shown great resilience and doggedness, there are many other music icons around the world who have done a lot to the upliftment or rather growth of the music industry in their respective countries but I would like to appreciate R. Kelly who is our modern day superstar cum music icon, I for one draw a lot of inspiration from many of his songs and I know you do too, ‘I believe I can fly’  I believe was his first song I heard, of course I was much younger then and didn’t fully appreciate the music as I do now, I hear the song now and I get a totally different feeling of greatness, boundless and unlimited.
A song is much more than just the beats, we all know that all these, the lyrics, message, beat, presentation and the personality must be appropriately represented for you to have a good song, so if any one of these is lacking, then you won’t blame the audience for not appreciating the song, but I personally go for the lyrical content and the message and occasionally, I go for the beat. The ‘mood’ also has a role in the acceptability of a song, when I say ‘mood’, I mean a person’s frame of mind, disposition, or ambiance at a particular point in time and it affects the singer, the environment and the audience, you don’t expect me to play a hard core ‘rap’ song on a dark cold night or when I want to relax after a hard days job, or ‘blues’ in a beach party or when I’m hanging out with friends, in as much as we are all different and have different tastes, we all seem to agree on the ‘mood’
I totally agree with R. Kelly that music must be a lady or how can you explain all the wonderful feeling associated with just listening to a particular piece of music, words you’ve heard before and couldn’t make meaning of, instruments or beat you might have heard play and probably despised
Music Is something beautiful, when you’re down or depressed, you turn to music, when in a very bad mood, music, when you are happy you can’t help it, sometimes we even sing out loud, shouting at the top of our voices without caring if we get the words or the voice, that’s joy, there is music for every situation, and we all take advantage of the soothing effect of music, even doctors prescribe music for patients with high blood pressure , hypertension as it helps relax the body and effectively manage stress
Music is greatly necessary in our life with many different genres for different times and purposes I can’t imagine a day without listening to music or even trying to make one, music gets me going, sometimes I get depressed or awfully tired, just a song or sometimes even a line from a song could be all it takes to get me back on track. So if you haven’t made music a part of you or your companion, you are definitely missing out and you definitely need help.
Listen to a nice piece of music today and i assure you, you would want to do that again and again
Thanks for reading; I hope you are inspired by it
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