Monday, April 16, 2012

Life Sucks

i'm kind of confused and i really need major help.
i graduated like 5 years ago, then service so now its 4 years and i am still without a job, still searching, applying, even though there are very few jobs available for persons with my qualifications, i have done certification programs to boost my chances and still i remain unemployed, right now i'm confused wondering if going to school was the right thing to do when after 5 years in the university, i don't have any means of livelihood and what is more less hope of getting a job soon.

i have been thinking, what can i bring out in me that would be of use/benefit to the next person and i'm yet to fully figure it out, my unique selling point, whatever that means, whatever that is, i'm yet to find out.
i worked as a systems engineer during my IT(industrial trining program) and also as an intern Network engineer shortly after my service, i basically install, maintain and repair. i could say i derive joy troubleshooting and trying to resolve systems and network issues which requires lot of brain work. now if this is what i love doing or find joy doing, does it mean this is my unique selling point, how unique is that? it is my belief that Engineers are passionate about their jobs, there is no way you're going to be an engineer without an attachment to the job you're doing, if this is true then does it mean that my love for fixing system and network problems is as a result of the fact that that was my field of study and practice and not as i imagined "my unique selling point"
so, what exactly can i say is my unique selling point?

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